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Ebay Fees Calculator

Quickly calculate potential profit and fees using this calculator.

Simply enter the following fields and get listing on eBay!

eBay Calculator - 2021

Enter the selling price of the item, excluding shipping paid by the buyer.
Enter the shipping paid by the buyer for the item.
Enter the shipping cost required to send the item.
Enter the cost of the item.
Enter the promoted percentage (%).

Profit: £0.00

Fees:   £0.00


This profit calculator provides a simple means to determine profit and costs given the item selling price, shipping charged, shipping cost, and item cost. The calculator takes the latest fee rates into account in addition to new eBay Managed Payment rates.


As you enter data the calculator will automatically display and update the profit figure.

Selling Price
List price of the item (excluding shipping charge).
Shipping Charged
Shipping charged alongside the selling price.
Shipping Cost
Price of sending out the item (e.g. courier parcel cost).
Item Cost
Price of the item paid by the seller.